Indu Creche Center follows an indigenous Pre-primary curriculum based on the ideas, theories and practices prevalent internationally to develop the students’ cognitive and motor skills. Our philosophy is that knowledge should promote thinking and creativity, rather than rote learning. We believe that the young generation will do wonders if education let them explore their mind instead of relying on memory. Our learning is inquiry-based which emphasis on play-way methods, nurturing the curiosity and creativity of students encouraging them to take intellectual risks and developing critical and independent thinking.


Students today must be prepared for a dynamic, global economy-one that calls on people to use data more thoughtfully, think creatively, and work productively in teams. We are committed to a holistic approach in nurturing kids. It begins by using research to understand what sort of learning works best, it continues by bringing together people to develop ideas, and it comes back round by measuring the outcomes of my efforts.

Art and Craft

Young children are full of curiosity. We are skilled at harnessing this curiosity to creatively introduce simple skills and principles through Arts and Craft. This is a place where students expand their creative horizons and find unique ways to communicate and express themselves. Through simple movements and activities, we work on their motor and coordination skills, encourage them to work in groups and find solutions to simple problems. Art and Crafts is more than a hobby class, it is a form of experiential learning that goes a long way in helping a child develop important academic and life skills.


Students are encouraged to try many indoor and outdoor games made available for them. These include introduction to simple activities like running, skipping and other outdoor games. These activities help students develop their Gross Motor Skills and also teach them valuable lessons like sharing, team-work and patience. Sports help children do better in the classrooms through improved concentration and ability to grasp new concepts.


Once your child is up on his/her own two feet, he or she is ready to conquer the world, and every day is a new adventure. This is an exciting and fun stage of life, but certainly has its risks and dangers too. The following things are taken care to keep our budding explorer safe.

  • Kept first aid box and medicines and vitamins as well, in case of emergency.
  • Stored all cleaning products or other dangerous products out of the reach of children and locked in a cabinet.
  • Keep doorways locked leading to dangerous areas such as basements or attics also have safety gates at the top and bottom of each stairway.
  • Always monitoring outside play by an adult.
  • We are vigilant. Small children put many things in their mouths. A watchful adult is often the dedicated to supervise.

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