‘YOU ARE YOU’ - You are Unique

Keeping the above thought in mind, we strive towards nurturing every child's unique abilities. Theme based curriculum, age-appropriate programs and state of art infrastructure, everything at Indu Creche Center is in tandem with the holistic development of our students. In Indu Creche Center, we work excessively towards building the child's cognitive, language and motor skills. Indu Creche Center focuses heavily on the physical, emotional, social, aesthetic and intellectual development of the child. Consistent parent involvement in the activities is one of the unique features of our child care.


“Creativity Leads to Demonstrative Intelligence.”
Practical manifestation helps children to survive in this modern world.


To nurture individual talents and abilities by empowering all children and helping them develop into creative, disciplined and dynamic leaders of the future, who will be active global citizens contributing richly to our nation with high self-esteem and confidence.


At Indu Creche Center, our young students are given the opportunity to explore a range of activities to satisfy their curiosity and channelize their energy.

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